Family Time Visitation Center

Family Time Visitation Program is a community provider of supervised visitation, safe custody exchanges and parent education to any family who is referred via court order or self-referral.   The program has grown to serve any family in need of supervised visitation, custody exchange or parent coaching services.  The Family Time Visitation Program was established in 2005. Family Time Visitation Program (FTVP) serves any family in need of supervised visitation and safe custody exchange services. 

Via a contract with the Administrative Offices of the Courts, FTVP provides services to families affected by domestic violence and high conflict domestic matters on a sliding fee scale.  Eighty percent (80%) of the program’s referrals for services come from Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD).  Although the State does not have funding to reimburse the program for services rendered, the need for this service continues to exist.  Recognizing this, the program’s Board of Directors and management team are committed to finding community support to allow children to have safe contact with their biological parents while in foster care at no cost to the parent or CYFD.